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clickbooq_support Apr 7 Getting Started

TL:DR: 1800 x 1200px (WxH) is the current maximum image size.


Automatic Image Resizing

clickbooq's Toolbox application will automatically resize your images during the upload process. We recommend that your images meet a minimum of 1800px x 1200px (WxH), so that your images display as large as possible on your site.


Manual Image Resizing

If you would like to better optimize your images in terms of file size for faster downloading, you can resize them prior to uploading to 1800px by 1200px (WxH). 1800x1200px is the current maximum image size.


What about Square format or Portraits that aren't 3:2?

It's fine to upload images in any format/ratio, as long as either the width or the height meet the minimum of 1800px or 1200px respectively. Our automatic resize process will proportionately scale your images to the longest dimension to fit within our 1800x1200px maximum image size.